Wanna Lose All Faith In Your Fellow Man? These Aggressive Morons Will Help!

For all the advancements human beings have made, there sure are plenty of idiots out there in the world.

We consider ourselves the most intelligent beings on the planet, but when it comes to certain people and situations, we prove time and time again that we can also be pretty damn dumb. Just ask these 15 geniuses who got into fights with inanimate objects.

1. When the car decides to fight back.

2. It’s not like all that equipment is expensive or anything.

3. Your head isn’t exactly a battering ram, buddy.

4. Admit it — you’ve been this drunk before.

5. Who knows what he was trying to accomplish.


6. It goes without saying that alcohol was involved here.

7. Honestly, what did you think was gonna happen?

8. And then there’s this guy, who got pissed off at the sight of his own reflection.

9. That plant totally had it coming.

10. What did Elmo ever do to you?!

11. “Take that, stupid parking gate!”


12. That cone is sick of your crap, lady.


13. Ouch.

14. “Not today!” said the banner.

15. You can launch yourself onto the table, but you’ll never break its spirit.

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